Event Schedule

All times are subject to change based on weather, volunteer ability, etc. 


Friday: 6pm - 10pm

Saturday: 8am- 2pm

Saturday Events

9AM: MOL Tent Open. A&S Display and Competition Drop Off Begins.

Archery range set up and inspections begin.

10AM: Morning Court of their Majesties and Baronial Investiture

Authorizations, inspections and archery range will open immediately after court. 

11am: Thrown Weapons Practice

12pm: Drop Off for A&S Competition Ends.

Aztec Chocolate Drink Demonstration in the Main Hall

12:30pm: Thrown Weapons Tournament Begins

1pm: Poetry Salon hosted by Baron Paganus Akritas in the Main Hall

2-4pm: Gaming For (Candy) Kisses in the Main Hall

3pm: Dance Practice in the Main Hall

Archery range closes.

4pm: A&S Pick up. Fighting ends.

5PM: Evening Court

6:30PM: Feast, cooked by Lord Hugh de Montlucon

After feast, join us for informal bardic.